Fellowship Program - Full Time, Paid Employment in the USA in 2022

Welcome to the S4 Capital Fellowship Program 2022 - we offer four years full time paid employment in the USA (LA, SF & NYC).
You will be joining close to 7,000 people in 33 Countries.

Designed to be a journey worth taking for graduates from HBCUs and other Colleges, to commence employment in March 2022

To hear more about this from our Fellows click HERE and HERE

Applications are open now. We encourage you submit your application by the end of December 2021.

Our Mission - The S4 Fellowship Program was conceived in response to the tragic murder of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. This is one of three commitments to redress unacceptable imbalances in minority employment & career opportunities. The marketing industry currently lacks the diversity needed to foster innovation, which is why we are passionate about our Fellowship Program.

“As a business, we aim to represent the communities we live in and encourage a diverse approach in everything we do, and this Fellowship program is us doing our part to chip away at the diversity issue in our industry." The Fellowship Program is also good business; it reflects our community better and so, if we understand our community better, we will be more effective in terms of what we do." - S4 Capital Founder and Executive Chairman Sir Martin Sorrell.

The first S4 Fellows
joined in March 2021 and are doing really well. To learn more about our them click here.

For 2022, we aim to recruit up to 6 Fellows, and intend to significantly increase these numbers with each subsequent year, to include applicants from other parts of the world.

The S4 Fellowship Program is a unique, four-year, immersive, accelerator program. The aim being to learn & grow by doing, and becoming a valued contributor to our companies.

You will get a first-hand view and deep end experience of what we do so you can gain a fundamental understanding of what we do in digital advertising & marketing - learning about Content, Data & Analytics, Programmatic media planning & buying for clients, and Technology Services. Our clients are in technology, fmcg, pharmaceutical, fashion, influencer marketing, services and others.

The Fellowship experience delivers a comprehensive blend of meaningful work opportunities, mentorship, as well as apprenticeship with one of our eight global leaders, including both formal learning and support for self-directed study. Fellows will also have the flexibility to explore personal areas of interest. There will also be the chance to work at one of our clients on a live assignment, and opportunities to work with us abroad within the four year program.

Our hope and intent is to challenge assumptions. Our people are experiencing just how great the Fellows are, through their presence and the value they bring. Their diverse backgrounds and perspective are a critical step on the way to a more truthful reflection of our communities. And, importantly, it’s not just our Fellows who get to experience the true meaning of inclusion, it's designed to change the way we all approach DE&I.

Let us be clear, being an S4 Fellow provides you with a secure platform with the scope to grow. Our company is evolving fast and we expect you to do so too. We’re in this together and will learn from each other. All your roles and responsibilities are designed so you can directly contribute to the company’s success, which is contingent on your success.

We invite you to join the application process! It is designed to be enjoyable for both the interviewer and interviewee - we want both sides to walk away having learned something from the other. Decisions will be made by the end of January 2022 and full time employment will begin in March 2022.

The application includes the following elements:

  • Short answer
  • Essays
  • Questionnaire
  • Video submission
  • Letter
  • Resume

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Key Fellowship contact: David L​ang​ Levitt | Program Director - S4 Capital Fellowship & Interns Program